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The Boy and the Heron button to buy tickets

Rated PG-13 (2h 4m)
Animation / Adventure

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Mahito, a young 12-year-old boy, struggles to settle in a new town after his mother's death. However, when a talking heron informs Mahito that his mother is still alive, he enters an abandoned tower in search of her, which takes him to another world. Directed by the celebrated animation artist Hayao Miyazaki, after a 10 year break.

FRI 12/8 - 4:15 (d)
FRI 12/8 - 7:00 (s)Sold out!

SAT 12/9 - 12:00 (d)
SAT 12/9 - 2:30(d)
SAT 12/9 - 5:00(d)Sold out!
SAT 12/9 - 7:30 (s)Sold out!

SUN 12/10 - 12:00 (d)
SUN 12/10 - 2:30 (d)
SUN 12/10 - 5:00(d)Sold out!
SUN 12/10 - 7:30 (s) — Sold out!

MON 12/11 - 7:00 (d - matinee pricing)

TUE 12/12 - 7:00 (d)

WED 12/13 - 10:30am (d)
WED 12/13 - 7:00 (s)

THUR 12/14 - 5:00 (d)
THUR 12/14 - 7:30 (s)

Note: d=Dubbed English Language / s=Subtitled Japanese Language

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CMNYK Presents:

THE INSPECTOR GENERAL (1949) - Not Rated (1h 42m)

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In this farcical Technicolor musical, snake oil salesman Georgi (Danny Kaye) is too honest for his own good. After his partner (Walter Slezak) fires him, the simple-minded Georgi wanders into a corrupt town where he is mistaken for a diplomat. Directed by Henry Koster.

Tuesday, December 12th only
Show starts at 7:00pm

$8 admission. Medium popcorn for the price of a small.

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JINGLE BELL ROCKS button to buy tickets
DAS FILMFEST presents:

Not Rated (1h 34m)

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Filmmaker Mitchell Kezin explores unusual and underappreciated alternatives to traditional Christmas tunes with hip-hop legend Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons, filmmaker John Waters, DJ and musicologist Dr Demento, and others.

THUR 12/13 - 7:30

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DREAM SCENARIO button to buy tickets

Rated R (1h 40m)

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Hapless family man Paul Matthews finds his life turned upside down when millions of strangers suddenly start seeing him in their dreams. When his nighttime appearances take a nightmarish turn, Paul is forced to navigate his newfound stardom. Starring Nicolas Cage. Directed by Kristoffer Borgli.

FRI 12/8 - 4:45 / 7:30
SAT 12/9 - 1:00 / 3:30 / 5:45 / 8:00
SUN 12/10 - 1:00 / 3:30 / 5:45 / 8:00
MON 12/11 - 7:30 (matinee pricing)
TUE 12/12 - 7:30
WED 12/13 - 9:30am / 8:00
THUR 12/14 - 5:30 / 8:00

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MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL button to buy tickets
Das Filmfest presents:
Rated PG (1h 31m)

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Join Monty Python to celebrate the 48 1/2 anniversary of this comedy classic for two nights only! With an all-new quote-along (indicated by * next to the showtime), along with the original version, come see one of the funniest films of all time! Bring out your dead!

FRI 12/8 - 4:45
SAT 12/9 - 8:00
SUN 12/10 - 12:30 / 2:30
WED 12/13 - 11:45am
THUR 12/14 - 5:30

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THE HOLDOVERS button to buy tickets

Rated R (2h 13m)

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A curmudgeonly instructor at a New England prep school remains on campus during Christmas break to babysit a handful of students with nowhere to go. He soon forms an unlikely bond with a brainy but damaged troublemaker, and with the school's head cook, a woman who just lost a son in the Vietnam War. Starring Paul Giamatti, Dominic Sessa, Da'Vine Joy Randolph. Directed by Alexander Payne.

FRI 12/8 - 4:15* / 7:00
SAT 12/9 - 1:00* / 4:00 / 7:00
SUN 12/10 - 12:00* / 3:00 / 6:00
MON 12/11 - 6:30 (matinee pricing)
TUE 12/12 - 6:30
WED 12/13 - 10am* / 6:30
THUR 12/14 - 6:00
*open caption matinee

Paul Turner photo
Oh, look: a review by Paul Turner!

There was a time when men were men and movies were movies. Back when film flew through projectors at 24 frames per second, 90 feet a minute, made authentic with scratches and dust specs and jumping frames. Sound ground through antique paper speaker cones with the fidelity of the AM radio in grampa's Rambler. Back when films had to rely on their own story, not hatched from a franchise. We had to learn who the players were after the movie started. Not from last year's knockoff. Dialogue carried the tune; women knew everything and took no shit. The warmth came from the soul of the character and how that creature sucked us into caring about them, almost letting us down, then saving the day at the last minute. We fell into the story and wore their sweaters and drank their hooch. We met the new kid, who could keep up with the old guy. 

The first thing ya gotta do is get Paul Giamatti to sign on. Then shoot the thing in real, old-timey film. So we have grain like sandpaper and colours harmonizing the way they did before digital made everything look like impossible realism, to justify the 8K TVs. Ya gotta make the story sweet. Maybe a little too sweet. Racy enough to make the teenagers giggle but family enough that three generations can watch it at the same time. Welcome to THE HOLDOVERS.

It's the holidays at a New England prep school back in the days between tailfins and gas wars. The holdovers are the kids without a place to go, watching their classmates getting whisked away to family for the break. Through chaos and design, the most burned-out, alcoholic, pissed-off teacher, Paul Hunham (Giamatti), is the one who must watch over the holdovers. The story takes off when his charges are whittled down to one student. Angus (played by Dominic Sessa. Keep an eye on this kid. He's going places.) is the student.

The place has the feel of the set of The Shining, with long halls and dark wood. Like three BBs in a tin can, Paul, Angus, and Mary Lamb rattle around the building. Mary is the cook, also left behind in the cavernous school to feed Paul and Angus. Da'Vine Joy Randolph creates a character who leaves me hoping that if there is a god, she is a sassy black woman who has seen it all and can say more with a deadpan stare than a good ol’ boy preacher can with a Sunday sermon. Each of these characters have seen loss, and own their pain. It's theirs to keep or share in the ways that make us love them and hate them. But we come to understand them, not that we'd want to share an elevator with 'em.

Their worlds converge, but the divergence is with grace. It's where the heart of THE HOLDOVERS lives. 

We're holding over THE HOLDOVERS. Come see it!

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PRISCILLA button to buy tickets

Rated R (1h 53m)

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When teenager Priscilla Beaulieu meets Elvis Presley at a party, the man who's already a meteoric rock 'n' roll superstar becomes someone entirely unexpected in private moments: a thrilling crush, an ally in loneliness, and a gentle best friend. Starring Cailee Spaeny, Jacob Elordi. Directed by Sophia Coppola.

FRI 12/8 - 7:30
SAT 12/9 - 12:30 / 3:00
SUN 12/10 - 4:30 / 7:00
THUR 12/14 - 7:30

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